A.J.Myles & T.L.R is now on the Android Application. Download the app and stay up to date with the groups music, beats, and much more!!!!!!!!
Going Ham is A.J.Myles Newest Track. With vocals Ft. Meek Millz; "Going Ham" is a rough, gritty, trap beat type instrumental. Think You can go ham on the beat? Contact A.J.Myles or any member of T.L.R...........
Doc Trill, A.J.Myles & Moizenvelli on their first collaboration. Their hit single "Wuuork" has been creating a buzz locally. Check it out and get motivated to "Wuuork"
Producer: A.J.Myles Track of his new Album "The Resurrection". Is a relaxing track. The hottest beat and unique track. Listen, Share & stay tuned for more........ 
Young talent is never good to waste. Doc Trill, an incredible artist, has found this talent in no ordinary kid. This find has come from none other then his own little brother, "Dopie". the duo has combined to create a master track in which it was to be a replica of one of Jay-z and Kanye West tracks. 


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